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    ‘What the f*** happened?’ Denny Hamlin responds to JJ Yeley’s criticism after Richmond incident

    Denny Hamlin responds to JJ Yeley's criticism

    Denny Hamlin seemed to take responsibility for dumping JJ Yeley as the pair made contact at Richmond Raceway.

    The two came in contact on lap 45 when Hamlin drove through the rear of Yeley’s No. 15 car. This sent No. 15 into the outside wall. Yeley was very unhappy with the way the Joe Gibbs Racing’s No. 11 driver acted on the track and suggested that he even did that on purpose.

    He further suggested that Hamlin was a hypocrite for trying to preach respect while not following the standards.

    JJ Yeley calls out Denny Hamlin for being a hypocrite after incident at Richmond

    Hamlin, on his side, shed more light on the situation in his Dirty Mo Media podcast, Actions Detrimental. He admitted that things were a bit hazy, given the speed with which such things unfold, but he also pointed out Yeley’s fault for the incident.

    “What I was trying to do was trying to get right behind him. And then go in the corner and show my left front and kinda get him wedged off of the bottom so I could just take the bottom on him because I couldn’t complete the pass on the outside,” Hamlin said.

    “But really, I went back — I couldn’t realize because it happened so quick — like, ‘What the f*** happened? How did I misjudge this that badly?’ I looked at the data, and I saw that JJ checked up about a hundred feet early and got on the brake quite a bit sooner.”

    However, the JGR No. 11 driver apologized and also said that he would contact Yele’s team, Rick Ware Racing, on how he can help them.

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