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    “He never cleared me” – Bubba Wallace loses control and continuously shoves Kyle Larson after wreck

    Bubba Wallace continuously shoves Kyle Larson after wreck

    Bubba Wallace approached Kyle Larson and continuously shoved him after the two tangled at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

    On lap 95 of the race, Wallace was pinned on the outside wall by Larson. Wallace in turn turned left making both the cars spin out of control.

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    The 23XI Racing driver was not happy with Larson and approached him. He vented his anger by continuously pushing the Hendrick Motorsports driver, who didn’t fight back. And thankfully, the fight didn’t turn ugly.

    Wallace was asked if he was retaliating against Larson by taking him out of the race. He replied that his steering was broken when he hit the outside wall.

    “Cliff [Daniels] is smart enough to know how easy these cars break. When you get shoved into the fence like deliberately like he did trying to force me to lift, steering was gone. Just so happened to be there. Hate it. Hate it for my team.”

    Wallace also blamed Larson saying that his move was wrong. He will likely face action from NASCAR for losing out control of the situation.

    “When you get shoved in the fence deliberately like he did trying to force me to lift — steering was gone. He just so happened to be there,” Wallace said.

    “He knows what he did was wrong,” Wallace said of Larson. “He wanted to question what I was doing, he never cleared me.”

    Both the drivers are out of playoff contention. Wallace didn’t make it to the playoffs while Larson was eliminated in the last round.

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