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    Watch: Awkward moment between Brad Keselowski and Denny Hamlin after the race at Atlanta

    Awkward moment between Brad Keselowski and Denny Hamlin

    Denny Hamlin found himself in an uncomfortable situation involving Brad Keselowski after the race at Atlanta.

    After the race, Keselowski rushed to answer nature’s call and made a run towards the porta-potties. However, he forgets to lock the door. While he was at it, Hamlin comes and opens the door only to find Keselowski there and quickly closes the door.


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    This situation reminds us of the time when Keselowski and Dale Earnhardt Jr. raced for the toilet back in 2012. Both the drivers run and sometimes even shove each other to reach there first.

    Keselowski’s second year as a driver-owner of RFK Racing is going better than his first one.

    “Yeah, night and day from where we were a year ago. 100%,” he said after the race. “Keep running like this; the good finishes and the wins will happen.

    He had his best finish of the season at Atlanta, finishing runner-up to winner Joey Logano. In contrast, he only had one top-five finish throughout the 2022 season and also only six top-10 finishes. He failed to win a race too, which was the first time since 2010.

    But this season, he also has two top-10 finishes already in just five races.

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