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    “They missed it? What a f**k joke” – Denny Hamlin hits back at Scott Miller missed penalty claim 

    Denny Hamlin hits back at Scott Miller missed penalty claim

    Denny Hamlin was battling for P2 of the late stages in Sunday’s  Cup Series Autotrader 500 at Texas Motor Speedway when HMS William Byron squeezed slightly him into the wall.

    Cup Series Playoff contenders William Byron and Denny Hamlin started a rivalry Sunday at Texas, as Byron took exception of being run into the wall by Hamlin and avenged by spinning Hamlin coming to a caution. 

    The JGR driver has sent out numerous warning to drivers who have wrecked him this season especially Track House Racing No. 1 Ross Chastai, however there might be a fresh for in  No. 24 William Byron.

    Byron didn’t like Hamlin’s move, and when the caution came out for race leader Martin Truex Jr. blowing a tire and backing into the wall on lap 268, Byron decided to exact revenge.

    The driver of the No. 24 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro pulled up behind Hamlin’s No. 11 car and sent Hamlin spinning through the infield grass.

    Hamlin admitted he was ready to take matter into his own hands when NASCAR didn’t call a penalty for Byro n.

    “I’ll give him the penalty if he comes back to me,” Hamlin said to his team over the radio

    NASCAR’s Scott Miller acknowledges they missed the Byron/Hamlin 

    “When we were in the tower, we were paying more attention to the actual cause of the caution up there and dispatching our (safety) equipment,” NASCAR Senior Vice President of Competition Scott Miller said after the race. 

    “The William Byron, Denny Hamlin thing we had no eyes on. We saw Denny go through the grass and by the time we got to the replay that showed the incident well enough to do anything to it, we’d gone back to green. 

    But I’m not sure that that issue is completely resolved as of yet. So we’ll be looking at that when we get back to work.”

    Denny Hamlin to his Twitter to shoot back at Scott Miller claims about the missed penalty.

    They missed it? What a f*#k joke. It played on the screen 5 times during caution. Hamlin Tweeted

    Hamlin received a penalty for his move, dropping him all the way to 15th place leaveing him frustrated.

    16 thoughts on ““They missed it? What a f**k joke” – Denny Hamlin hits back at Scott Miller missed penalty claim ”
      1. How much is a whining crybaby, he can dish it out but he can’t take it! He’s one of the dirtiest drivers in NASCAR and everyone knows it!

    1. Denny thought it was ok the slam into the rear of Larson at the end of stage 1 and then ok for him to run Byron up into the wall. Was laughing my a** off when Byron spun him out and then Denny got sent to the back of the pack for trying to spin Byron.


    3. Any time a Hendricks driver does anything, nothing happens. Just watch, some how NASCAR will have Chase Elliott back in the first spot! I can’t stand any involved in Hendricks motor sports!

    4. Hamlin was trying to stay out of Byron if you were looking. If they are(were) looking at replay, take points off after the race. Incidenal Bumping is one thing but blatant spinning Hamlin out is the fact on hand.

      1. My thoughts exactly Denny!!! Byron should get a penalty! You can see that Byron spun Hamlin under the caution.
        NASCAR shows favoritism.

      2. Denny Hamlin’s x girl friend should have slapped his P a** a couple times and he would have stayed out of others girls panties.

    5. No you don’t spin somebody out during a caution! That is wrong on so many levels and it puts everybody In danger! And a William Byron fan‼️ He should be have been penalized!

    6. Denny Hamlin is the biggest crybaby in NASCAR if it doesn’t go his way he’s crying . he has wrecked more drivers than Ricky Stenhouse jr. there’s a saying do you want to others as you want done to you………. if he would’ve tried that sh** with Dale Earnhardt or Jimmy Spencer a crybaby would’ve never finished a race all year he would’ve ate the wall and got his a** whooped in the garage area!! When is not handed to you like he wants you have to earn it I have the car to do it and if you don’t do it clean sh** will get dirty! Truthfully I can’t wait till Denny Hamlin and Bubba Wallace retire.

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