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    “They can look at it forever” – Kyle Busch aims digs at JGR as they chase 200th Cup race win

    ByRacing Guy

    Oct 17, 2022
    Kyle Busch aims digs at JGR

    Even after a celebrated career with Joe Gibbs Racing, Kyle Busch had to part with bad feelings towards each other.

    Busch established himself as one of the most successful drivers currently active in NASCAR with JGR. Since signing for the team, Busch won 56 of his 60 Cup Series victories and two championship wins with them.

    It felt like Busch would spend his entire career with JGR but that wasn’t meant to be as he is set to cut ties with them and join Richard Childress Racing in 2023.

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    With Busch’s help, JGR has managed to get 199 Cup race wins. And it will be special for them to get the 200th win. As for Kyle, he is trying to get the number, not because he likes the team but because they will have one more reason to place himself in JGR history books. And he said this not as a feat to be achieved, but rather so that JGR will have more reasons to think of him.

    “I don’t know [if] that one more would do anything, really, there is a 200th win coming up soon. That’s significant in itself, a grand number. It would be nice to have my face on that 200th win so they can look at it forever.”

    The departure came in a way no one would have expected. With Busch’s longtime sponsor M&M Mars not returning to his car in 2023, JGR found it hard to find a sponsor for one of the most successful drivers in NASCAR.

    While Busch may not be as fierce a driver as he used to be, he still has a lot to offer in the Cup Series and JGR may come to regret their decision to let go of one of the most winningest drivers in NASCAR.

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    3 thoughts on ““They can look at it forever” – Kyle Busch aims digs at JGR as they chase 200th Cup race win”
    1. Busch can drive but his attitude and egomaniac ways are not suited with the JGR company. He became the divisive leader in many instances. He has shown he cares little about others and is a self centered childish person. Just like now would he have gotten as far as he did with any other team? Maybe. Maybe not.

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