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    “There is a big change coming,” – Kyle Busch all but confirms he’s leaving Joe Gibbs Racing in 2022

    Kyle Busch confirms he's leaving Joe Gibbs Racing in 2022

    Kyle Busch’s contract with Joe Gibbs Racing is set to expire at the end of the 2022 Cup Series season and speculations about his future In the No.18 is in major doubts.

    Joe Gibbs Racing has found it difficult trying hard to get a sponsorship agreement to keep Kyle Busch in the No. 18 Tayota Camry. However, their effort has been fruitless thus far.

    Last month, president of Toyota Racing Development David Wilson declared that the manufacturer and JGR are “trying to find a path” to retain the service of the two-time Cup Series champion.

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    Bush has been with Joe Gibbs Racing since the 2008 Cup season.

    “If there’s not sponsorship there, maybe we can create a bridge somewhere,” Wilson said. 

    “We have to have contingency plans,” Wilson said. “Rest assured, we’re thinking about every way this can go.”

    Saturday at Watkins glen Cup Series practice 

    Kyle Busch hinted towards to big change ahead regarding his Nascarfuture.

    You want to be able to go somewhere that you feel like you have a legit shot to race [and] to win. Trust me, I don’t feel like it’s fair to me or my family or anything else if we’re going to have to spend less time together moving forward because we are going to have to change our lifestyle; no question. There’s a big change coming,” Kyle Busch said.

    Kyle Busch mentioned his sleepless nights as he determines his future

    Is it worth it to go run around and not have an opportunity to win right away versus building something versus jumping in something that can win? All those questions are certainly being weighed. Again, that’s also why it’s not so simple and easy. Thankfully there are opportunities out there,” Busch added.

    There are Cup jobs available, but again, it will not look the same as what it has for the last 15 years,”.

    Busch substantiated that he still remains in weekly discussions with other Cup teams, but wouldn’t identify the teams.

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    25 thoughts on ““There is a big change coming,” – Kyle Busch all but confirms he’s leaving Joe Gibbs Racing in 2022”
      1. Because he is an awesome RACER….not A DRIVER.I am no fan of Kyle, but he deserves a good ride. Gibbs tossed him like a piece of dirt for his SILVERSPOONED grandson…….I would not want to go back to Gibbs.

        1. I have always been a Matt Kenseth fan but I didn’t like what Gibbs done to him and several other drivers as well. Kyle will get a quality ride trust me too much talent

        2. I believe if you read the story about , they say they are having a hard time getting sponsors for him , maybe that means , there are a lot of his sponsors leaving him and going somewhere else , he has made a lot of people mad the last couple years , plus he has not been winning, just my opinion , he will drive for someone next year

        3. JGR is stalling to the end to say that they tried to keep him but was unable too. Just so happens that his grandson has a built in sponsor and will fit in the garage no problem. I can’t stand Kyle but he is being played by Gibbs.

    1. I think Joe Gibbs is not being totally truthful and making a place for the little bad attitude brat. Like Kyle or not he can wheel the hell out of a race car and he deserves honesty. As a total Christian Mr. Gibbs, Kyle is human and deserves better.

    2. Such a sad situation for a 2 time champion to go without a ride for next year. Perhaps there is TOO much emphasis being placed on “new blood” and no respect for those drivers who have CONSISTENTLY produced wins. I feel that Kyle has been given the short straw in favor of a brat who feels that he knows better than anyone else. Clearly, Joe Gibbs is not focusing on the team but on the career of his grandson. Hope that Kyle finds a ride because he is truly a great driver. Always a fan

    3. Because hes a great driver, You always have to take the baggage (bad) with the Talent (good). Every person has that. Sometimes you can be the most popular driver and get many sponsors and bring that money with you but if you dont have the talent at the end of the day, owners will move on. To me I think he is great for the sport, hes not my favorite but I am glad hes in nascar. He has probably got 7 to 10 years left until he is over the hill and get put to pasture like almost every driver over 45 has. If a driver has lasted past 45 you stayed to long. If I was an owner I would throw a ton of money at him for the next 5 year. and go from there.

    4. They can’t find a sponsor for a two time champ, but they will have no problem finding some for his grandkid? Gibbs just continuing disrespecting his veteran drivers that built his team and brought home the bacon. It would be great if Kyle would start up his own team or maybe replace the possibly soon to retire Harvick.

    5. I wish that they would just tell the truth. If Joe Gibbs doesn’t want Kyle Busch next year. Then tell the truth if he thinks that his grandson is going to be as good as Kyle next year he has another thing coming. Quite miss leading the fans.

    6. I am not a Kyle fan in no way. I am a Joe Gibbs fan. M&Ms is leaving as Kyle’s main sponsor. They are looking for a Sponsor. Doesn’t seem anyone wants to sponsor Kyle. That’s the issue. You are talking multi-Million $ deal. Is little Gibbs ready for Cup racing? Probably Not. Let his stay in Xfinity a couple years and continue to prove himself. If Kyle doesn’t sign with Gibbs, so be it. Good luck with the new team. I’m not faulting Joe Gibbs. A lot more is happening than just Joe deciding not to rehire him.

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