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    “Still cries like a baby” – Fans mock Kyle Busch for his complaints about Corey LaJoie

    Fans mock Kyle Busch for his complaints about Corey LaJoie

    Kyle Busch didn’t hide his frustration with Corey LaJoie after the two had multiple run-ins last week at Martinsville Speedway.

    After an excellent start to the 2023 season, Busch has been lagging behind and the 21st-place finish last week at Martinsville was another bad race for the two-time Cup champion.

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    The situation was further not helped by his multiple run-ins with LaJoie, leading to some feud between the two drivers. In fact, the crew chief for LaJoie ordered his driver to intentionally wreck Busch on the radio. This led to Busch calling LaJoie a “pain in the d***” and even called NASCAR to penalize the team as they did to Hamlin when the Joe Gibbs Racing driver admitted to intentionally wrecking Ross Chastain.

    “I don’t know. Ask everyone else,” the 37-year-old said. “As far as him with me, he’s been a pain in the d*** to race with and pass for years — just coming up and lapping him and things like that. Every time I’m around him, it’s like he tries an extra 20% harder to make sure I stay behind him. Just not fun.”

    Busch’s comments did not go well with fans who called him out for being a crybaby.


    Busch might be crying about it, but it should not be a norm that a driver intentionally tries to wreak another driver at any cost, and even more openly admits to it.

    However, it would be interesting if this situation escalates at Talladega or in the future.

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