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    “So awkward and uncomfortable to listen to” – NASCAR journalist criticizes FOX NASCAR booth

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    Mar 26, 2023
    NASCAR journalist criticizes FOX NASCAR booth

    NASCAR journalist Jenna Fryer didn’t like the lineup for the FOX NASCAR booth at the Circuit of the Americas.

    The FOX booth generally consists of three people, the regular lead announcer Mike Joy and analyst Clint Bowyer, along with a guest for this season as Kevin Harvick is set to take the third position on a full-time basis from 2024.

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    While FOX has continued with this trend, they made a surprise by adding two more guests for the NASCAR Cup Series race at COTA.

    Joy and Bowyer were there in their regular role, while 2004 Cup Series champion Kurt Busch joined the booth for his first appearance in this position this season. However, FOX decided to invite Haas F1 Principal Guenther Steiner for the race. Not only that they also invited the currently injured Chase Elliott to join the booth but remotely.

    The AP reporter Jenna Fryer didn’t like FOX’s decision to have so many people in the booth and expressed her opinion in a tweet.

    “Five people doing the FOX NASCAR booth right now. When did they expect Guenther to find time to speak? So awkward and uncomfortable to listen to.”

    It certainly is too many people for a place that generally has three people in the booth.

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    One thought on ““So awkward and uncomfortable to listen to” – NASCAR journalist criticizes FOX NASCAR booth”
    1. The camera work was the worst ever may never watch another race at cota! Couldn’t understand the what Guenter was talking about! Reddick was awesome!

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