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    “Sky’s the limit for us” – Christopher Bell confident for the 2023 season

    Christopher Bell confident for the 2023 season

    After three race wins and a Championship 4 appearance in the 2022 season, Christopher Bell is more confident going into the 2023 season.

    Bell, along with Ross Chastain was the unexpected driver in the championship 4 race, competing with already championship winners Joey Logano and Chase Elliott.

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    The Joe Gibbs Racing’s No. 20 driver might not have won the championship, but it was already a very successful season for his team. And he is hoping to carry the momentum into the 2023 season.

    “I hope that it’s just the beginning,” Bell said. “I feel like our 20 group is capable of winning a lot of races in 2023 and hopefully, we can carry that into 2024 and ’25.”

    The three wins Bell had is his highest in a single season. In fact, it is the first time in his three seasons as a Cup Series driver that Bell could register multiple wins.

    “It was cool,” Bell said. “I remember being in the Martinsville press room talking about those races … they don’t feel like race wins because the playoffs overshadow the win so big that all you’re focusing on is we moved to the next round. That’s all we did.

    “At the Charlotte road course, we didn’t win a race, we just moved to the next round. Same thing with Martinsville. I felt like, in the moment, I didn’t win a race, I just advanced to the next round. But whenever you have time to reminisce and look at it, I have a Martinsville clock in my house, so that’s pretty cool.”

    After a year with career-high in top-10 finishes. career-high wins in a season and first Championship 4 race, Bell is optimistic about his chances going forward. “I think the sky’s the limit for us,” Bell confidently asserts about the future.

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