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    “Shame on NASCAR” – Fans hit out at NASCAR after Wallace is suspended for just one race with no fines

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    Oct 19, 2022
    Fans hit out at NASCAR after Wallace is suspended for just one race

    NASCAR fans were not happy with the consistency NASCAR has shown towards penalizing the Cup Series drivers.

    In light of Bubba Wallace’s retaliation against Kyle Larson at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, NASCAR decided to suspend the 23XI Racing driver for one race.

    Many believed that Wallace retaliated against Larson intentionally, however, Wallace claimed that he lost control. Due to the incident, there were calls for Wallace to be fined heavily.

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    However, with no fines or points deduction, many fans were not happy with the way NASCAR dealt with the situation. They called out NASCAR’s inconsistency in penalizing different drivers in the Series. Some even called for additional fines and deductions in owner points.


    While Wallace has maintained that he didn’t crash against Larson intentionally, it seemed like he was retaliating against the Hendrick Motorsports driver for pushing him against the wall.

    The situation was exacerbated when Wallace approached Larson after the crash and continuously shoved him.

    The fans’ frustration also comes from the fact that NASCAR labelled the incident as “intentional and put other competitors at risk”. They also said that the penalty was specific to “what took place on the race track”.

    23XI Racing has also indicated that they will not appeal the decision.



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