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    “Same move he made to Bubba” – Denny Hamlin hits back at Kyle Larson for bringing up Chastain incident

    Denny Hamlin hits back at Kyle Larson for bringing up Chastain incident

    Denny Hamlin had a very striaghtforward reply to Kyle Larson comparing Hamlin’s agressive pass on him with that of the one Hamlin did on Ross Chastain.

    Hamlin’s move forced Larson to the wall while the two drivers were battling for the lead. Hamlin went on to win the race while Larson finished 20th as a result of the move.

    Larson was not happy with Hamlin and called out the move as the same as Hamlin made on Chastain a year ago at Pocono. Additionally, he asked to be raced with respect.

    “He made it work on Ross last year and he dirtied him up,” Larson said. “He knows it. And Ross deserved it last year for all the times that he got into Denny.

    “I felt like I didn’t. I deserved to be raced with respect, at least through Turn 1. But he knew that was going to be his only opportunity to beat me. … I got used up.”

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    Hamlin was in no mood to take this comparison lightly and instead brought up Larson’s past history to justify his move. He further added that Larson would have done the same if he was in Hamlin’s position.

    “Same move he made to Bubba. Did he mention that or no,” Hamlin said.

    “We’re racing for the win.. … If I’m going to give anyone the respect, it’s Kyle Larson just because I respect him as a race-car driver, and I think he’s probably the best. Certainly, he’s got my respect. But, damn, we’re all racing for a win. I guarantee you, roles reversed, it goes the same way.”

    Larson reiterated that the incident would not affect his friendship with Hamlin and going by Hamlin’s comment, it seems that Hamlin would feel the same.

    The win was Hamlin’s second of the season and his 50th career victory.

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