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    “Rick faked cancer to get out of prison” – HMS Rick Hendrick accused of shady business after Byron rescinded penalty 


    Oct 7, 2022
    HMS Rick Hendrick accused of shady business after Byron rescinded penalty 

    The National Motorsports Appeals Panel rescinded a penalty levied by NASCAR to Hendrick Motorsports driver William Byron on Thursday evening.

    A three-member panel overturned a 25-point penalty that Byron obtained for purposely spinning out Denny Hamlin under caution few weeks ago at Texas Motor Speedway. 

    Byron’s playoff points are now being restored, however his fine for spinning Hamlin has been doubled from $50,000 to $100,000.

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    “We accept today’s decision and thank the members of the National Motorsports Appeals Panel for their time and effort,” A statement by Hendrick Motorsports.

    Several fans and drivers were left stunned by Byron rescinded penalty after NASCAR originally calim to have missed the initial incident on track.

    One Twitter tuser went as far as calling out the Team Owner for faking cancer to get out of prison.

    Rick Hendrick pleaded guilty in 1997 to one count of federal mail fraud pertaining to a scandal with his auto dealerships and Honda.

    “Nobody is surprised. Rick faked cancer to get out of prison, he has his connections. Such a shake the sport is rigged for the Golden Boys”




    A federal judge sentenced Rick Hendrick who was suffering from a life-threatening form of leukemia at the time .

    He was order to be confined to his Charlotte home for 12 months, during which time he cannot participate in his automobile business or his NASCAR operations. He was also told to pay a $250k fine.

    Byron spun JGR Hamlin under caution after he was annoyed with the lack of room Hamlin provided to him off Turn 2 while they were racing under green flag conditions just a few laps before.

    The top eight drivers in the standings after Sunday’s race will advance to the third round of the playoffs.

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