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    Richard Childress Racing the favorites to land Kyle Busch in 2023 announcement expected soon 


    Sep 7, 2022
    Richard Childress Racing the favorites to land Kyle Busch

    Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch says he wishes to have a conclusion soon on where he’ll be driving next season.

    Kyle Busch was speaking at NASCAR’s playoff media day last Thursday where he told journalists that he has multiple offers in front of him.

    Busch who has won 60 Cup Series races throughout his career, now sees himself in this situation because longtime JGR sponsor M&M’s decided last year that it wouldn’t return following the 2022 season.

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    “I was hoping yesterday,” Busch said when asked when he might have a deal to announce. “I’m not going to put a timeline on it, but time is a ticking, and there are a lot of other options and a lot of other dominoes that need to fall.”

    According to The DBC Podcast in regards to Kyle Busch future, a decision is coming soon.

    Richard Childress Racing President Torrey Galida declared that he had no comment on the situation Sunday at Darlington.

    Denny Hamlin co-owned team 23XIRacing also remained in the mix to sign the two-time champion Kyle Busch.

    Richard Childress Racing is likely to add a third charter to the team for the 2023 season, according to FOX Sports NASCAR reporter Bob Pockrass.

    The team RCR would have three charters and two full-time drivers with Busch and Dillon in 2024.

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    3 thoughts on “Richard Childress Racing the favorites to land Kyle Busch in 2023 announcement expected soon ”
    1. I began watching NASCAR when Joe Gibbs got involved in Racing when I knew nothing about the Sport ,when Kyle Bush came over I Chose him to watch did not agree with his demeanor exciting to watch he gave his all to JGR and will for his next owner. Should of given Tye Gibbs 2 more years prior to dumping Kyle with all the money Kyle got I feel pretty sure JGR gained than the other drivers combined. With all of these stage points system and othe NASCAR changes I probaly not watch NASCAR if I do it will be for Kyle team hope it’s not RCR. Have no reason to not like. Very p***ed with Gibbs.

      1. I agree ! Joe Gibbs is a **** . He cares about his grandson and I understand that . But I believe Denny is up his butt and he is a yes man . Joe definitely iS the partner of bubba’s and Kurt’s team and Denny is just the fake person in this . Why would Joe Gibbs take two of his pit crew men and move them over to a different team ? Nascar needs to wake up .

    2. Joe Gibbs made a lot of money selling Kyle’s merchandise. When you go to Gibbs Motorsport 75 percent is Kyle’s and 25 percent is all his other drivers combined. Kyle’s crew chief is the big problem this year .

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