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    Reason why Jeremy Clements was stripped of a Xfinity Playoff spot 


    Aug 30, 2022
    why Jeremy Clements was stripped of a Xfinity Playoff spot 

    Jeremy Clements NASCAR Xfinity Series victory on Friday night at Daytona no longer secures him a spot in the playoffs.

    NASCAR announced on Tuesday that a L2-level penalty for the No. 51 Jeremy Clements Racing team.

    Xfinity Series weekly post-race penalty report, NASCAR detailed that Clements’ No. 51 car was found to have infractions according to Sections 14.6.12K&U of the NASCAR Xfinity Series Rule Book.

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    Clements remains the officially race winner, however he’s been deducted 75 points, with his team fined $60k and loses the automatic playoff berth that the win provided.

    Section 14.6.12.K says: The intake manifold must conform to NASCAR templates, gauges, scales, fixtures, and any and all other measuring devices.

    Section 14.6.12.U says: The floor of the intake manifold plenum must conform to the NASCAR Inspection Intake Manifold Plenum Plug Gauge.

    Clements’ penalty uncovers a bizarre technicality in NASCAR’s post-race inspection rules that’s extremely tough to explain to usual racing supporters.

    This is currently a developing story additional info and details will be added when released.

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