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    “Quite honestly those are lies” – Hendrick Motorsports Chad Knaus calls out Kevin Harvick and SHR 


    Aug 24, 2022
    Hendrick Motorsports Chad Knaus calls out Kevin Harvick and SHR 

    Stewart-Haas Racing driver Kevin Harvick got his first NASCAR Cup Series victory since September 2020 when he won the FireKeepers Casino 400 at Michigan International Speedway earlier this month.

    It had been almost two whole years since Harvick was in Victory Lane, however he cracked the cold streak and won back-to-back races to secure his spot in the playoffs.

    SHR and the driver Harvick appear to have made a crucial change which contributed to their success.

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    Kevin Harvick and his crew chief Rodney Childers have insisted nothing has changed from what they’ve done in the past during the 65-race winless streak.

    Nobody really ever changed a lick. Every single morning, we act the same. We talk about the same things of what we need to do better and when we need to do it,”. – Rodney Childers added.

    Harvick encountered regular backlash from fans after his winless run dubbing him inefficient.

    In a recent episode of NASCAR Race Hub Hendrick Motorsports Vice President of Competition Chad Knaus, called out the Harvick and his crew chief for lying that they weren’t being honest about their recent run of success.

    Those are lies. Lies, I tell you. Said Chad Knaus, Because something has changed. And I have to eat a tremendous amount of crow, quite honestly, because I stood here on a Race Hub a month and a half ago.

    Knaus backed up his opinion that he once wrote off the 46yr-old from his list of championship contenders after his poor run at the beginning of the season.

     I said the 4 car of Kevin Harvick won’t win a race before the playoffs because they had not shown me at that point anything to provide me thoughts that they could be competitive at that level,” Chad Knaus added.

    Knaus went on credit the work done so far by Stewart-Haas Racing and pinpointed that they have certainly made some changes. “ So, my hats off to those guys. They’ve done great. And something has changed,”.

    Harvick last victory was the 60th of his career, making him one of just 10 drivers in series history to ever reach that mark.

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    11 thoughts on ““Quite honestly those are lies” – Hendrick Motorsports Chad Knaus calls out Kevin Harvick and SHR ”
    1. You don’t have a car that can’t do better then half the pack all of a sudden the next two weeks it’s goes from back of the pack to the front , his speed was so noticeable that their was something changed that either nascar seen and let go or nascar has not found what they did to go faster then everyone else, Also I’ll bet Kyle is probably going to joint Kevin now that those fords are so fast ????????

      1. Check your facts, Harvick did not finish outside of the top 15 (except for DNF’s, or days when they got involved in a wreck early) all year long. Actually much better than half the field, with a good number of those being top 10’s. Also he finished 2nd at Richmond in the spring and is always good at Michigan, 6 wins will tell you that. A one spot jump and a win at a track he is consistently good at doesn’t point to cheating.

        1. Jeff’s right Harvicks been getting better week after week. Finally got over the hump and these headlines take things out of context on both sides. Of course they made changes. They all make adjustments every week on every track and every run. Dumb reporting if you ask me!

      2. I wouldn’t count on Ford being the car at SHR. Dodge has a considerable investment in Stewart’s’ NHRA team.

    2. Why is it that when a driver bounces back after a slump, he has to be cheating. Isn’t it possible that as they kept chipping away at the problems they found a solution.

    3. Those of us who follow Harvick lap after lap saw the Top 5s and Top 10s all year. He finished 5th last year in the Championship standings. He stood 10th in points before the wins this year. We also saw bad luck with pitstops, race strategy, etc. At Michigan and Richmond everything fell into place. Solid team, solid crew chief, solid driver – keep your heads down and keep grinding.

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