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    “None of it surprises me honestly.” – Tyler Reddick opens up on losing his RCR No.8 to Kyle Busch 


    Sep 21, 2022
    Tyler Reddick opens up on losing his RCR No.8 to Kyle Busch 

    Richard Childress Racing announced last  week that Kyle Busch will drive the No.8 car next season with Tyler Reddick moving over to a third car yet to be determined. 

    During a recent press conference, the 26-year-old was asked if he was surprised to get such brief notice from his boss Richard Childress that he was not going to be driving the No. 8 in the 2023 Cup season.

    Reddick responded and said, “None of it surprises me honestly.”

    “The conversation I’ve had that’s where we’re at” – Richard Childress refuses to rule out early exit for Tyler Reddick in 2023

    “None of it surprised me honestly,” Reddick admitted Friday afternoon prior to practice and qualifying at Bristol Motor Speedway. “I’m going to be moving on in 2024 to a new group of people and new team. It’s a unique challenge to be able to kind of go through that next year with a new group of people.

    “If anything, I think it’ll help me when I move on to the next place (23XI Racing), kind of getting used to moving with different people and going through that process.”

    Tyler Reddick declared back in July that he would be leaving (RCR) Richard Childress Racing after the 2023 season for 23XI racing a team co-owned by Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan.

    Team owner Childress, wasn’t happy that Reddick gave him notice of his decision just an hour before it was announced.

    Nascar correspondent Bryan Nolen was on hand to hear from Reddick regarding the Kyle Busch news.

    “We’ve talked about that stuff. We’ve discussed, like OK, what’s going to happen?” Reddick said. “He said he’s going to have details for me soon. When? I don’t know. Maybe after the race because he said he wanted to discuss that here at Bristol, but we both agreed it’s most important for me to focus on this race and talk about it after.”

    Richard Childress promised to acquire a charter and run a third car for Tyler Reddick in 2023 however he did not rule out the possibility of an early exit for Reddick, more details coming later this month according to Childress.

    Reddick acknowledge that he understood RCR’s choice since it was made known to the public that he would be moving on to a completely different team come 2024. 

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