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    “Nobody else has the balls to at least confront him” – Noah Gragson on fight with Chastain

    Noah Gragson on fight with Chastain

    Noah Gragson explained his decision to approach Ross Chastain and grabbed him after the Cup race at Kansas Speedway.

    The Legacy Motor Club’s No. 42 driver was not happy with Chastain’s action during the race, which led to a flat tire for the former driver and resulted in him losing many places.

    He could not hide his frustration after the race as he approached Chastain and grabbed Chastain’s firesuit. In turn, Chastain punched him in the face and the two drivers started throwing punches against each other while a NASCAR official intervened to separate them.

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    Gragson gave his reason to approach Chastain after the race by saying that it was not the first time that Chastain aggravated him during the race.

    “I got fenced by the 1 (Ross Chastain). He took care of us at Talladega; we’re Chevrolet teammates, it didn’t work with us there. He fenced us here. Nobody else has the balls to at least confront him, so. At least just grab him, and do something, and he’s gonna keep doing it.

    “I’m over it. It’s the second time. I have respect for Justin Marks and the rest of the Trackhouse team, but that’s why I’m not wrecking him on the race track … but I’m ready to fight him. I didn’t even get a shot in because the security guards got in the middle of it. But nobody confronts the guy. He keeps doing it, and I’m sick and tired of it.”

    Gragson is not the first one to complain about Chastain. Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin have all been frustrated with the Trackhouse Racing driver but none of the previous incidents had led to a physical confrontation between the drivers.

    This will undoubtedly put Chastain under further scrutiny.

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