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    No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani embarrassed Clint Bowyer during live race coverage

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    Feb 8, 2023
    No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani embarrassed Clint Bowyer during live race coverage

    Not realizing that they were on air, No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani mocked her first-time meeting with Clint Bowyer.

    After retiring from NASCAR racing in 2020, Bowyer joined FOX NASCAR full-time in 2021 as an analyst. He was at the Fox Booth along with Mike Joy and Tony Stewart during the LA Clash broadcast.

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    During the event, pop star Gwen Stefani of the band No Doubt was also present in the show. However, the pop star ended up mocking the former NASCAR driver on national television. She spoke about her first meeting with Bowyer and the fact that he is a fan of her music.

    “…The first time I met him, he was wasted, right?” she said.

    While Bowyer tried to remind her that she was on air by saying “No. We’re still on the air, Gwen. We are on the air.”, the pop star persisted:  “Yes, he was confessing to me that he was a fan,”.

    Bowyer tried to stop her by saying:  “This is a job for me. This is not play. I work for this,”.

    But Stefani continued: “I was just saying that that was a compliment for me that you actually listen to my music.”

    Nonetheless, Stefani credited Bowyer for helping her fall in love with NASCAR and called him a “genius”.

    “I honestly was very ignorant to this whole sport until I met this genius over here, Clint Bowyer. It is exciting, and it’s scary. And I wondered how you guys did this up here. You’re up here actually just hanging out, talking and observing, and just hanging out like friends,”

    But Stewart seemed to disagree. It was his turn to make fun of Bowyer by saying that “we’ve never heard in the same sentence, and that’s Clint Bowyer and genius”.

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