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    NASCAR racing outside US a “when-not-if situation” and could be as soon as 2024

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    Nov 10, 2022
    NASCAR racing outside US

    It seems like NASCAR Cup Series racing venues won’t be limited to the USA anymore.

    While the venue is not yet set, NASCAR could be racing outside the USA as early as the 2024 Cup Series season, reports Adam Stern of the Sports Business Jornal, who tweeted:

    “NASCAR holding a Cup Series race outside the U.S. is now a when-not-if situation and the league is in active talks with a bunch of different venues, per Chad Seigler, NASCAR’s VP of international business.

    @CSeigler said there’s no timeline yet but he wouldn’t rule out ’24.”

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    The NASCAR world has already started to react to the news. One of the prominent members to do so is Dale Earnhardt Jr., who also had suggestions for the venue for NASCAR.

    “I like this, but if it’s not an oval (and my guess is it will be that or another LA coliseum creation) I’ll be less enthusiastic. One road course I think would be quite badass tho is Brands Hatch Indy Circuit. It’s a short road course that I think would provide some fireworks,” Dale Jr. tweeted.

    Let us know your suggestions for the venues for NASCAR outside the USA.

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