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    NASCAR looking for international opportunities, such as staging exhibition Cup Series races in Europe

    ByRacing Guy

    Apr 30, 2023
    NASCAR looking for international opportunities

    While NASCAR has been a sport run in the USA, things could change in the future as they look for opportunities to expand beyond the home soil.

    However, NASCAR is not limited to the USA. They have run Xfinity and Truck races in Canada and the NASCAR Pinty’s Series also run several events there.

    But, when t comes to Cup Series, NASCAR has run the races exclusively in the US. But this could change as NASCAR seems to be looking for opportunities to do so.

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    Michael Lock, who is working on Nascar’s Garage 56 project for this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, said that one of the priorities of NASCAR is international development.

    “I think the expectation in Europe is that it’s a very American race series for America, ovals and stock cars and all of that,” Lock said.

    “But in fact, we now don’t exclusively race on ovals in the US anymore. In fact, we’ve got quite a mixed format of road race courses, short tracks, the Coliseum, the street circuit in Chicago.

    “Really, Nascar’s become quite nimble, which opens up opportunity internationally to do things that we never imagined we would do before.”

    The coming international summit in London on Friday 16th June involving the US stock car racing series will further pay attention to this priority. This priority could include NASCAR holding staging exhibition Cup Series races in Europe but not limited to it.

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