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    NASCAR Journalist joins in the criticism of Mike Joy for bashing fans on national TV

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    Mar 12, 2023
    NASCAR Journalist joins in the criticism of Mike Joy for bashing fans on national TV

    Fox lead announcer Mike Joy got himself into hot water after criticizing a portion of fans on national TV.

    Many fans don’t like that there are too many ads and full-screen commercial breaks that prevent them from watching the race.

    So, during the final stage of Sunday’s United Rentals Work United 500 at Phoenix, Joy addressed such criticism by making fun of the situation and even hitting out at the fans. He said:

    “For all the keyboard warriors I’m going to do this in words of one syllable. The last green flag full screen break of this race comes right now.”


    Joy’s message comes after some days when he replied to a fan saying that commercials are important for Fox to stay in business.

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    However, Joy’s words have not gone well with the fans and even journalists. NASCAR Journalist Toby Christie didn’t like the way Joy bashed some fans on national TV. He tweeted:

    “As much as I totally understand Mike Joy’s frustrations with people not listening to him and getting upset about it, I don’t think openly bashing a portion of the fan base on national TV is the right flex.”

    While commercials are necessary, it is also the right of the fans to complain when they have too many interruptions in the race. As a person with many years of experience, Joy didn’t do himself any favour by acting the way he did.

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