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    NASCAR investigating derogatory message towards Bubba Wallace after All-Star race

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    May 22, 2023
    NASCAR investigating derogatory message towards Bubba Wallace after All-Star race

    Bubba Wallace’s runner-up finish in North Wilkesboro’s non-championship All-Star event was marred by racist messages directed towards the driver over the radio.

    The 23XI Racing’s driver excellent run in recent days continues at the All-Star race as he finished second to a dominant Kyle Larson. However, the positives were overshadowed by a person who keyed into the No. 23 23XI Racing team radio channel and left a racist remark.

    “Go back to where you came from you a******. You’re not wanted in NASCAR,” the person said.

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    The spokesperson for 23XI Racing revealed that Wallace did not hear the comment at that time. NASCAR officials also confirmed that their security operation is looking into the matter to find out who accessed the radio channel.

    If this was any other race, Wallace would have been satisfied with the result but finishing runner-up to the $1 million made him disappointed.

    “He could attack hard and have something there in the end,” Wallace said of Larson. “If this was a normal race, something to be excited about – but this was for a $1 million, and you come up short and walk away with nothing.

    Wallace also received boos from the crowd in the Truck Series race at the same track this weekend. Despite the boos and the constant abusive messages directed at him, Wallace seems adamant to do best for his team.

    He has finished in the top 12 in five of the last six points races and now he has a second-place finish in the non-point All-Star race.

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    7 thoughts on “NASCAR investigating derogatory message towards Bubba Wallace after All-Star race”
    1. Well this is not a *acist statement, it’s simply not, the problem with Bubba is his attitude that he is better than everyone else and the fact that he played of a fake story a few years back and road that dog till it died. Not good, to play the victim when your not.

    2. What about Bubba giving someone the Finger, just as he interview began? He acted as if it was part of him buttoning up his collar, but it was Clear, he gave Someone, the Bird! He wasn’t smiling either, as you might towards a friend, or a joke. No one has mentioned his Big black Finger.

      1. Why are you talking about him every race. They are plenty of races to talk about other than bubba,

    3. Bubba is doing all this shit for attention. And it’s working he’s always in the new. But then again NASCAR is pathetic with their 6in high rear spoiler and stage racing. So they go well together 🇺🇸

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