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    NASCAR insider hits out at Kyle Busch for playing the “PR Victim” in his JGR exit

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    Oct 26, 2022
    NASCAR insider lays on Kyle Busch for playing a “PR Victim”

    Things haven’t turned out so well between Kyle Busch and Joe Gibbs Racing, leading to the driver’s exit from the organization.

    Busch is set to begin a new journey with Richard Childress Racing from the 2023 season, bringing to close his long-term ties with JGR. With them, Busch won 56 of his 60 Cup Series victories and two championships.

    The departure came about as JGR found it hard to find a sponsor for one of the most successful drivers in NASCAR after Busch’s longtime sponsor M&M Mars decided to not return to his car.

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    In recent times, Busch has been very vocal about his bitter end with JGR and constantly finds ways to hit out at his former employers. While it seems like Busch is the aggrieved party, NASCAR spotter Brett Griffin thinks Busch is playing the media in his favour by playing the victim.

    Justifying his opinion, Griffin said in a recent episode of the Door Bumper Clear podcast:

    “If I were offered an eight-figure deal, and I didn’t take it, I don’t think I would play the victim right now,” Griffin  This led Casey Boat to question him with, “Are you saying that’s what happened?

    “I said, if I were offered a ten-million-dollar plus deal and I turned it down, I don’t think I’d be trying to play the PR victim here.

    “I said on this show…I said I bet Kyle Busch wishes he has the contract that he turned down back in front of him at this point in the year,” he continued. “Because at that point I was aware of a couple of offers that had come his way and he didn’t take them.”

    While money is certainly a factor in making career choices, it however seemed like Busch would end his Cup Series career at JGR. With his sad end still unfolding, as Busch is still driving for them, it won’t be the last that we hear from Busch about his feelings for JGR. In fact, he might be more open regarding the departure once the season ends.

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