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    NASCAR Cup Series could have a a Germany-based team in 2023

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    Dec 20, 2022
    NASCAR Cup Series could have a a Germany-based team in 2023

    The owner of the 3F Racing team, Dennis Hirtz, is looking for ways to enter NASCAR in the sports top tier for the 2023 season.

    Having purchased the NASCAR license as an owner and obtained the No. 30 entry, Hirtz wants to have a team in the Cup series with German roots.

    “Where will be a big surprise in American racing from spring 2023, because from then on German will be spoken there for the first time,” Hirtz told Motorsport.com. “The wording is very important to me, because we want to build a U.S. team with roots in Germany.”

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    And he is already working things out. He said that he has “not just a technical alliance, but a close partnership” with Richard Childress Racing “that even gives us a production line for our car in the halls of RCR.”

    However, it is not sure who will drive the team’s car. But, taking a German driver remains a big possibility.

    “We are planning five to ten entries and until 2025 we are pursuing the strategy of starting as a full-time team – then with just one driver. Before that, we will race part-time with several drivers,” he said.

    “Thanks to the partnership with General Motors, we can draw on the Chevrolet driver pool. For the ovals, we want a driver who has learned the sport from scratch. For circuits, Europeans, maybe even a German driver, are also a consideration.”

    It seems that the owner is clearing hurdles one at a time and remains very optimistic that all hurdles will be cleared for their debut in the 2023 season. He even said that he is 90 percent sure that the team will make its debut in the upcoming season.

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