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    “Much different era of racing than what it used to be” – Kevin Harvick joins Kyle Busch in criticizing race etiquette of current drivers

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    Mar 29, 2023
    Kevin Harvick joins Kyle Busch in criticizing race etiquette of current drivers

    Kevin Harvick shared similar views with Kyle Busch regarding the racing etiquette of the current NASCAR drivers.

    Busch recently spoke about the lack of respect between the drivers in NASCAR and called them out for being selfish. He then named some former drivers such as Mark Martin, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon for holding on to race etiquette on the race track, which he finds lacking in the current crop of drivers.

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    47-year-old Harvick has a similar opinion. Having been in the Cup Series for a long-time, he has seen the change in the driver code and race etiquette.

    “Well, the driver code is not what it used to be when I first started — when you would run into the back of somebody on a restart and lift their tires up off the ground because the nose was only eight, nine, 10 inches off the ground,” Harvick said.

    “It was much different then because there was a race etiquette that Ken Schrader and Bobby Hamilton and Dale Earnhardt and Mark Martin made sure that you understood. Usually, it came in ways of not being able to get your lap back when the caution came out. They would race you back to the yellow if you weren’t doing things appropriately on the racetrack.”

    The Stewart-Haas Racing’s driver was speaking after the Cup Series race at Circuit of the Americas. The aggressiveness in the race and road course, in general, has been the subject of criticism after the race. Harvick said that on of the cause of such aggressiveness could be the difference in the upbringing of the current drivers.

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