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    Kyle Busch will be “more outspoken” after becoming free from JGR’s restrictions, says Dale Jr.

    Kyle Busch will be more outspoken says Dale Jr.

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. believes that Kyle Busch will be freer to express himself in his new team.

    Busch left his long-time team Joe Gibbs Racing for Richard Childress Racing after failing to agree on terms for a new deal. The two-time Cup champion has always been very vocal about his emotions and sometimes even labeled “villain” due to his racing style and outspokenness.

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    However, if we are to go by Dale Jr.’s words, we haven’t yet seen Busch in his true self, in the sense that in his previous teams there were restrictions that didn’t allow the 37-year-old driver to express himself freely. Speaking on his ‘The Dale Jr. Download’ podcast, Dale Jr. said:

    “It will be interesting to see Kyle Busch this year because he is out from under whatever restrictions he may have felt at Joe Gibbs Racing. Joe Gibbs Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Penske, they all have a perception, expectation, right?

    “They you know Penske with the white shirts, the black pants, you know everything tucked in, everything pressed. HMS you know they used to have this sort of facial hair thing.

    “Am I making sense though that there are a lot of these that sort of have you know you got it to tighten it up? Kyle is free of whatever those restrictions may have been right and now I think will be a little more outspoken… I think even more so he’s going to be like he’s pretty much you know got free reign over however he wants to conduct business in my mind racing for Richard Childress Racing. Richard Childress Racing is not going to tell him how to act.”

    While not everyone might like Busch, one thing is for certain: Busch brings entertainment wherever he goes, whether through his racing style or through his wit.

    And along with these, RCR can expect a fierce driver who is out to prove himself against his old team.

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