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    Kyle Busch speaks about Kevin Harvick’s retirement; also reveals the perfect time he wants to retire

    Kyle Busch perfect time to retire for him

    Kyle Busch seems already sure when he plans to finish his NASCAR Cup Series career.

    The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series will be the last season for Stewart-Haas Racing’s Kevin Harvick. Having won a lot of races and a championship, Harvick will retire as one of the most successful drivers around.

    10 years his junior, Busch spoke about Harvick’s retirement and his career.

    “He’s been around for a long time,” Busch said of Harvick. “And he’s about that age, you know. 45 years old. That’s kind of the age I’ve looked at, so it’s good for him, though.

    “He’s had a remarkable career. He’s won a championship, tons of races, all the big ones. Plenty to hang his hat on, I guess you’d say. I’m excited for him to finish out his last year this year and hopefully he can go out there and win a couple but we’ll still beat him for the championship.”

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    If Busch is to retire at Harvick’s age, he has plenty more years at NASCAR’s top level. However, the Richard Childress Racing’s No. 8 driver has plans of his own and has already figured out a perfect year to retire from NASCAR Cup Series racing.

    “This situation right now is very important to me as well as Kyle Busch Motorsports because wherever this next place is — whether it’s Joe Gibbs Racing or whoever — I would like to not have to go through this again,” Busch said.

    “I’ve got six, seven, maybe eight more years if I play all of this out perfectly, Brexton and I, we share a truck when he turns 16 years old,” he said of his son, who is seven. “When he’s 16 and 17, and then it’s his when he’s 18, and I’m done. I’m out. So that’s the perfect play.”

    Nonetheless, we still have a lot of time to enjoy Busch in the Cup Series. He is only just beginning a new phase of his career with a new team and it will be interesting to see how he will adjust to the new environment. He may or may not win as many races as he used to do, but he will certainly bring his usual fierceness and aggression to win races.

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