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    Kyle Busch sarcastically hits out at Ross Chastain for not racing clean at COTA

    Kyle Busch sarcastically hits out at Ross Chastain for not racing clean at COTA

    Two-time Cup Series champion Kyle Busch didn’t like the way Ross Chastain raced at the Circuit of the Americas.

    Busch is not happy with the current bunch of Cup Series drivers. He recently called out drivers as selfish and lacking a sense of respect that used to exist with drivers like Mark Martin, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon.

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    After the Cup series race at COTA, Busch seemed to reiterate the same point but in a different way. he said that the race winner at COTA Tyler Reddick shows respect to the drivers by running clean.

    “The biggest thing was I got alongside Reddick there on that restart into the esses, and I could have forced the issue and pushed him off or whatever. But we ran each other hard. We ran each other clean and gave each other room. I respect the kid. He’s been nothing but great to me, so I give him respect back.”

    But, Busch was not only praising Reddick that time. He was also hitting out at Ross Chastain for not racing clean in the same race. Chastain was standing a few feets from Busch. Looking directly at Chastain, Busch commented:

    “We’ve had some good races between each other. They were really fast. They deserved to win. There’s no sense in taking it from him. Somebody else that doesn’t know anything about clean over here”

    Busch had a good race at COTA, finishing in the second position. Busch has had a good start to the season with a win, two top-five and four top-10 finishes in six races so far this season.

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