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    “kick rocks” – Bubba Wallace mother sends savage message to Bubba haters live on air 

    Bubba Wallace mother sends savage message to Bubba haters live on air 

    Bubba Wallace’s No. 45 Root Insurance 23XI Racing Toyota Camry passed Post-race technical inspection with NASCAR declaring Wallace and his team the official winners of the race at Kansas Speedway.

    This win in Kansas is Bubba’s second career  Cup Series triumph, and it’s the second win of the season for the No. 45 23XI Racing entry who was victorious earlier in the season at Kansas Speedway with Kurt Busch.

    Bubba took the lead with just 43 laps to go and was not really challenged the rest of the path. Wallce led 58 laps in total.

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    With 16 laps to go, Hamlin – who is co-owner of Bubba No. 45 23XI Racing team – got around C. Bell and began hunting down Wallace for the lead.

    Desiree Wallace mother of Bubba Wallace phoned in on The SiriusXMNASCAR Radio Post-Race Show and told all the Bubba Wallace haters to “kick rocks”.

    A very prideful Desiree Wallace (mother of @BubbaWallace) just called “The @SiriusXMNASCAR Radio Post-Race Show” and told all the Bubba Wallace haters to “kick rocks”.  

    With no additional cautions to help, Wallace was able to comfortably hold off Hamlin by 1 second toacquire his second career wi  and first for this  2022 season.

    “Just so proud,” Wallace told NBC Sports. “Pit crew was awesome today. We had one loose wheel. Just thankful. Thanks for the opportunity, and thankful to shut the hell up for a lot of people.

    “It’s cool to beat the boss, but man, we were just lights-out today once we got to the lead, and it was a lot of fun.”

    Bubba Wallace is the second non-playoff driver to win so far in the post-season, after Erik Jones’ Southern 500 victory in Darlington. 

    It’s is the first time in NASCAR post-season years that  the opening two races haven’t been won by a playoff driver.

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    7 thoughts on ““kick rocks” – Bubba Wallace mother sends savage message to Bubba haters live on air ”
    1. Did not see the end. Glad Bubba won. He is now, in my opinion, showing his skills. He is at or near a point that he can create a good fan base or he can blow it and be the bad boy for years to come. What you gonna do Bubba?

      I would like to see him draw a lot of fans in.

    2. Glad to see him win. Not a fan though, when he was with RPM his attitude caused his major sponsor to drop him and I’ve heard he has had attitude issues before.
      As far as the mother goes (Well) the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and it explains his attitude.

    3. No it’s not the media, it’s him. It started with him constantly whining, then the fake noose thing, then the race card, instead of the race car. Not a fan, never will be. I’ve followed him since his ARCA days.

    4. It’s not Bubba that I don’t like. It’s the media. Bubba can be running 30th and it seems that’s all they talk about is the run that Bubba is having. Just because of the color of his skin don’t mean you have to be so obvious that you’re trying to pump
      Him up. Congratulations Bubba just be yourself and don’t let the media hype get to you.

    5. Got to give it to Bubba for proving me wrong. Only thing he has to change now for me to respect him more, is to be humble, stop the division, embrace the sport of Nascar and it’s traditions.

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