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    Kevin Harvick candidly exposes the “Dark Side of Racing” with Crooks’ and Destroying Families


    Jan 7, 2023
    Kevin Harvick candidly exposes the “Dark Side of Racing” 

    Kevin Harvick has spent the last two decades competing in the NASCAR Cup Series. However, the 46-y-o is also one of the most outspoken drivers in the sport, and his opinions concerning racing are often respected by NASCAR supporters.

    Back In 2021, SHR Kevin Harvick and JGR Denny Hamlin were the first two drivers to openly express concern about safety issues with the Next Gen car long before its debut last season.

    “I’m sure it’s just the crappy parts on the race car like we’ve seen so many times,” Harvick told NBC’s Marty Snider. “We haven’t fixed anything. It’s kind of like the safety stuff.

    “We just let it keep going. The car started burning and as it burned, the flames started coming through the dash and I ran a couple of laps. And then, as the flame got bigger and then it started burning stuff up.”

    Fox analyst calls out his broadcasting rival NBC for snubbing NASCAR float 

    NASCAR has given us lots of father and son collaboration over the past years. And the family business sometimes goes beyond two generations, with Lee, Richard, Kyle, and Adam Petty as prime examples.

    In the latest episode of Fox broadcaster Greg Olsen’s Youth Inc show, Kevin Harvick candidly admitted that not everyone will make it tit the top how hard they try.

    He also opened up about families being destroyed by youth racing with erroneous decisions.

    Harvick knows what it takes for his son Keelan to achieve the highest levels of racing success in the youth ranks because long before he achieved his professional achievements as a top Cup driver, he pursued a similar path years earlier.

    He said,  “I tell other parents all the time, you have to be able to do what you can do within your means to not destroy your family,”.Because I’ve seen this happen time and time again where people spend everything that they have, thinking that they’re doing the right thing and they don’t do it properly. 

    Harvick admits that families have been destroyed because the parents dreamed of seeing their kid as the next Dale Jr.  Harvick added: “they destroy their whole life because of the fact that they think that they’re next kid is going to be Dale Earnhardt Jr. and that’s just not the case for everybody.”

    Lasy past year the 2014 Cup champion ended his dreaded 65-race winless streak in stunning style with back-to-back wins, first at Michigan, followed a week later at Richmond.

    “In the end, you can still get there by having success. It’s just a matter of being around the right people and being in the right places. If you can’t afford to go do them all, go do the ones you can afford to do right. That’s more important than just showing up at every one of them.”

    “Didn’t see this coming. Wow.” – Chase Elliott primary sponsor will not return to sponsor the No. 9 Chevy in 2023

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