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    Kevin Harvick and Chad Knaus predict chances of drivers throwing punches before the 2023 playoffs

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    Jul 21, 2023
    Kevin Harvick and Chad Knaus predict chances of drivers throwing punches

    As the 2023 Cup Series season intensifies and continues toward the playoffs, will there be some heated action between the drivers?

    There are still a number of spots available for the Cup Series playoffs and many drivers will be trying harder than ever to get one. But not only these drivers, the other ones who have already claimed a spot will be looking to further solidify their positions.

    This situation can lead to some aggressive driving, and thus some action between the drivers off the field. This was one of the major topics between Kevin Harvick and Chad Knaus their appearance on NASCAR Race Hub.

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    In response to the question: “What are the chances we see punches thrown before the start of the 2023 playoffs?”, Harvick replied that he doesn’t expect to see any punches and neither wishes to be involved in such an incident himself.

    “I think the playoff guys, they don’t want anything to do with having any trouble before they get in the playoffs and that’s a lot of guys,” he said. “I think you got some guys that are going to throw some Hail Marys and go into the playoffs swinging for the fences.”

    “And you wouldn’t do it just for fun in your last season?” Knaus questioned.

    “No. Gosh, I don’t like getting hit, Chad,” the driver said. “There’s just nothing fun about getting punched in the face. I watched that video. That makes my hand hurt. I watched that video and think, man, how long would it take me to recover from getting punched like that?”


    However, Knaus is of the opinion that there will be some action in the coming weeks.

    “It’s going to be hard to pair that up but I still think you’re going to have a lot of tempers flying. I think you’re going to have a lot real anxiety starting to bubble up for a lot of different reasons — people looking for rides, people trying to preserve rides, and make the playoffs. I think we got a good shot to see some action.”

    Things will certainly heat up as Knaus said. However, as Harvick said, it is not fun to be punched, and not every driver would be angered to go that far. But we never know, given what’s at stake.

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