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    Kenny Wallace say it’s NASCAR fault on why older driver are leaving the sport


    Nov 27, 2023

    Recently, former NASCAR racer and sportscaster Kenny Wallace shed light on how sporting events indirectly continue to edge out their older drivers through certain decisions.

    Wallace was pointing to the lack of advertising of veteran drivers in the Xfinity or Truck Series, in order to promote the potential superstars of the sport who are still in their development phase.

    In spite of the immense effort put in, the veteran drivers are often granted more accolades from the fans in the driver awards.

    On the recent episode of the Kenny Wallace show, former Xfinity driver Elliott Sadler, who had a career similar to Wallace’s, disclosed how he was ousted. Wallace then responded to it by saying that he got the same treatment.

    Wallace recounted on his YouTube channel that he had spoken to Mike Helton and expressed his concern that he was no longer being used to advertise the Xfinity Series.

    According to Wallace, their boss responded with a long pause before saying, “Well basically, you’ve been there and you’ve done that.” This left Wallace with the impression that they were done with him, and that he could continue racing but they would no longer be advertising him. They were instead looking for younger racers.

    Kenny Wallace has had a long career in NASCAR, beginning with an Xfinity race at Martinsville in 1988 and ending in 2015. He has contested in 344 Cup races with different teams, like RCR and Michael Waltrip Racing, yet he has seen his most success in the second division. From 647 starts, Wallace has secured nine victories.

    What led to Elliott Sadler’s exit from the Xfinity Series

    Sadler provided insight into how, as time passed, he was increasingly deprived of marketing assistance from the racing organization. He noted that, despite his being honored as the Most Popular Driver, he was not allowed to take part in the NASCAR awards ceremony and that NASCAR favored younger racers when it came to advertisements, even though he had a large number of supporters.

    The brothers, Hermie and Elliott Sadler, have been well-known figures in NASCAR.

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    Even though I could feel like I’m getting replaced, NASCAR, Xfinity, and their promotions are trying to make space for new, young racers. But, the fans still love me.

    In contrast to Wallace, Sadler’s Cup career was more successful. From 438 starts, he managed to take the checkered flag three times. Beginning in 2011, Sadler raced full time in the Xfinity Series and in 2018, he was a major contender for the championship with the Giants, claiming victory eight times.

    In all those eight seasons, his worst finish in the championship was 6th place, but he was never able to seize the title.

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