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    Joey Logano Dismisses Remarks That He’s The Only Aggressive NASCAR Driver

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    Apr 5, 2021
    Joey Logano Dismisses Remarks That He's The Only Aggressive NASCAR Driver

    Joey Logano was victorious in the historic Bristol dirt race last week after a epic battle with Denny Hamlin. As he tried to make a clean pass on Logano 22 ride for the win and was not interested in racing him hard unnecessarily. However, this move by Hamlin did not work out as planned.

    Denny Hamlin was asked about his decision to not be aggressive and pass through Logano for the victory, the JOE GIBBS RACING driver stated that he does not have the mentality to race that way;Denny declared he does not race as Joey Logano does.

    Logano did not agree with the sentiment that he is the only aggressive driver in NASCAR Cup Series. He did however, admitted that he was the first to adopt the ‘aggressive driving style,’ but things have changed now.

    “I feel like everybody is aggressive right now. Honestly, when I look at what everybody is doing on the racetrack, maybe I was the first to it, so that reputation stuck with me,” Logano said in response to Hamlin.

    Look at the restarts, it’s insane. I promise you I am not the most aggressive guy on the racetrack anymore. There’s times I look at it and say maybe I need to be more aggressive. The game has changed a lot,” he expressed further.

    “Nobody gives up spots. There’s not much give-and-take out there on the racetrack anymore. We’re racing,” he added.

    Logano says its called ‘racing,’ and he feels that’s what the fans buy tickets to see – some good racing.

    “That might be a reputation that stays with me, but I don’t feel like it’s the most truthful thing anymore these days.”

    Joey Logano got the reputation of being a very aggressive driver as he introduced that style of racing on a consistent basis about five seasons ago.

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