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    JJ Yeley calls out Denny Hamlin for being a hypocrite after incident at Richmond

    JJ Yeley calls out Denny Hamlin for being a hypocrite after incident at Richmond

    JJ Yeley didn’t like what Denny Hamlin did at Richmond Raceway and what he showed to be outside the race track.

    Respect and race etiquette among the drivers has been one of the central topics in the Cup Series recently. Many drivers have complained that the current drivers do not show respect on the race track.

    However, it seems that it is not just the young drivers but the veteran drivers can also act in such ways. At least that’s what Yeley thinks after Hamlin spun him early in the race. Yeley seemed to suggest that Hamlin is a hypocrite for calling out respect while not showing it himself on the race track.

    “It’s pretty simple. I mean, he just ran me over and got me on the road; I’m assuming he wanted a caution. I mean, there was no sun in his eyes. I don’t know if there could have been anything you know from a guy who’s been preaching respect for the last couple of weeks. It seemed really silly on lap 32, knowing it would be a short runoff, so he had no worries or issues,” said JJ Yeley.

    Yeley also said that Hamlin probably doesn’t feel bad about wrecking Yeley. He also added that he will not forget the incident anytime soon.

    “But you know, restart, we’re running too wide, you know, he just got around in a hurry and ran me over, so what much could I do? You know I hate it from sponsors. My guys, this is one of the better cars we’ve had this year, they’ve been working hard on giving me a better product, and you know they did that part. So, we made some adjustments to make the car better and just had adversity.

    “I mean, you know what’s the point, right it’s…He’s damaged my car. I’m upset, you know. We’re not out there playing chicken and mouse for me…You know I doubt that he apologized. I doubt that he really even cares, uh you know, there’ll be a point where he may be in a different position, and then, obviously, he’s a race car driver, you never forget those things, so you just chalk that backup and go on.”

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