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    Jimmie Johnson gets backlash for taking swipe at reliable Fox NASCAR journalist who incorrectly reported ‘LEGACY MOTOR CLUB’ name 


    Jan 16, 2023
    Jimmie Johnson taking swipe at reliable Fox NASCAR journalist

    Jimmie Johnson is aiming for his 84th career Cup Series victory will drive the No. 84 car for LEGACY M.C. this season, Johnson announced last week on NBC’s “TODAY” show.

    Johnson also revealed the rebranding of his NASCAR team name LEGACY MOTOR CLUB replacing Petty GMS.

    The seven-time Cup champion bought into the ownership group in November of last year, and with two of NASCAR’s 7-time champions part of the team, the name change was suiting.

    “There couldn’t be a better name” – Richard Petty reaction to the controversial rebranding of Petty GMS

    Reliable Fox journalist Bob Pockrass, one of the most adept and appreciated NASCAR reporters, shared his report on the announcement of the name via his Twitter with a caption that and a small mistake which Jimmie Johnson was not satisfied with.

    Pockrass wrote, “Legacy Motor Club is the new name for Petty GMS. Does it matter that Petty isn’t in the team’s name?”

    Johnson stumbled upon the reporter’s tweet and notified Pockrass that he had incorrectly written the team’s name. 

    The 47-y-o suggested that the whole name should be in capital letters, not how it was written by Bob Pockrass.

    Johnson replied, “Excuse me, Mr. @bobpockras, it’s LEGACY MOTOR CLUB or LEGACY M.C.

    Jimmie Johnson received a few backlashes for the way he handle the situation by calling out Pockrass.

    Johnson, with seven titles tied with Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt for most in NASCAR history, explained the name change. 

    “After brainstorming about the new name of our team, (co-owner Maury Gallagher) and I recognized the opportunity to do something special and different,” Johnson said in a statement.

    “We felt it was important to have a name (Legacy) that honored the past and acknowledged the future. The term ‘Motor Club’ is a nod to car clubs of the past. 

    “Legacy M.C. will be an inclusive club for the automobile racing enthusiast. I am excited to be a part of a story so rich in heritage and look forward to creating a new legacy in this sport outside of the racecar.”

    Jimmie Johnson will drive a Next Gen car for the first time later this month at Phoenix. 

    He also is expected to be announced in the coming weeks as one of the three drivers for NASCAR’s Garage 56 program at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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