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    “it’s just the shitty parts, they don’t care” – Kevin Harvick slams NASCAR after his car was caught on fire at Darlington


    Sep 5, 2022
    Kevin Harvick slams NASCAR after his car was caught on fire at Darlington

    SHR Kevin Harvick was left sitting in his team garage steering at his burned out No.4 ride, The 46-year-old who was fairly confident leading up to the first-round playoff with two impressive wins.

    Harvick found himself out of contention for the victory after his Ford caught on fire.

    Kevin Harvick was frustrated with NASCAR supplied parts failure that ended his night in flames in Darlington. 

    “Quite honestly those are lies” – Hendrick Motorsports Chad Knaus calls out Kevin Harvick and SHR 

    He was hoping the blaze would calm down, unfortunately that didn’t happen as Harvick was forced to leave the car in the  in order to keep himself safe.

    “The  rocker panel just caught on fire Said Harvick. well we just keep letting cars burn up letting people crash into stuffand  get hurt.”

    “Like we don’t fix anything now we just riding around out there and the car catches on fire so just shitty parts

    Harvick was asked by reporters how will this affects his r race in the playoffs he replied.

    “well they don’t care it’s cheaper to not fix it find somebody new to run the show th can run I.”

    “What a disaster for no reason. We didn’t touch the wall. We didn’t touch a car and here we are in the pits with a burned up car and we can’t finish the race during the playoffs because of crappy-ass parts.”

    Erik Jones obtain the lead with less than 25 laps to go on the final caution flag when race leader No.18  Kyle Busch had an engine difficulty Jones led the way to his first victory of the season  at Darlington Raceway.

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