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    “It’s complete BS” – Bubba Wallace calls out fans’ double standards towards him

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    Jun 14, 2023
    Bubba Wallace calls out fans' double standards towards him

    23XI Racing driver Bubba Wallace is a very divisive figure among NASCAR fans.

    He receives a lot of criticism and scrutiny than any other driver in the Cup Series receives and for unjustified reasons. Recently, he flipped his middle finger during a post-race interview after the All-Star Race. And as often happens with Wallace, it became a major taking point.

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    Wallace, for his part, says that he is not trying to create headlines but it is rather the media and the fans who make a big proportion of what he does. Speaking to SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, the 23XI Racing driver said:

    “People think that I love to stay in the headlines for different reasons and I actually hate it. The finger’s become such a big thing when Bubba Wallace does it. But you have guys that get wrecked and they walk on the track and shoot one bird or shoot the double-bird and we laugh about it and move on. We tell them that they’re No. 1.

    “But when Bubba Wallace does it we gotta shut the whole state down, shut the whole series down, kick him out, suspend him.

    “So, on that side of things, it’s complete BS. But, it is what it is. It’s been going on for years and it sounds like I just invented something new. And we know how some of these people that are part of this sport hate when Bubba Wallace brings in something new.”

    Wallace is not wrong in his assessment. Especially some portion of the fans is irked by whatever Wallace does and he receives unwarranted criticism most of the time.

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