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    “I thought they liked me” – Brad Keselowski hits out at Fox for excluding him on Cup Series promo

    Brad Keselowski hits out at Fox for excluding him on Cup Series promo

    Brad Keselowski has frequently teamed up with his former Team Penske teammates, Ryan Blaney, and Joey Logano, in the Fox Booth.

    In the last couple of years, the drivers have worked in the Fox broadcast booth, mainly for the Xfinity races. However, despite their appearance in the Fox Booth, Blaney is sometimes sidelined from the Cup Series promotions.

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    However, in the last Sunday’s race at Martinsville Speedway, it was Keselowski’s turn to be sidelined by Fox.

    Keselowski was present in the booth with Joey Logano and Fox’s Adam Alexander for the Xfinity race there. But when the network aired the promotion during a caution, the team realized that Keselowski was missing from it.

    “Tomorrow, the NASCAR Cup Series is on FS1 for some short-track racing at The Paperclip in Martinsville,” Adam Alexander said. “The pre-race kicks things off 2 eastern. We’re going green just after 3. It’s only on FS1 and the Fox Sports app. We got Logano on the board.”

    “I don’t know. I thought I knew people here at Fox. I thought they liked me,” Keselowski said. “Joey gets on here. No Brad. No Chase Elliott.”

    “Forever Blaney wasn’t on there,” Alexander noted.

    “Now he’s there,” Logano said.

    “I was going to say he politicked his way to the board,” Alexander admitted.

    “Great negotiations, Blaney,” the RFK Racing driver said. “I’m going to take a lesson from you.”

    The lesson Keselowski is talking about is when Blaney threatened to not come back on the broadcast or show. After he was omitted from the promo for the Cup series race at Auto Club Speedway last year, Blaney decided to speak up about him, which led Fox to include him in the promo when they aired it the second time.

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