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    “I don’t want to buy Charter it’s not a successful business venture” – Dale Jr. reveals why he won’t acquire a Cup Series charter

    Dale Jr. reacts to nephew Jefferey

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. has recently put a hold on his plans to upgrade JRM to a NASCAR Cup Series team.

    The former iconic Cup Series driver now retired has been vocal about the restrictions that‘s blocking him from acquiring a charter to compete in the Cup Series.

    In a brief conference with the media, the Cup teams, which were represented by Hendrick Motorsports Jeff Gordon, JGR president Dave Alpern, and two others.

    “it just hasn’t materialized.” – JR Motorsports CEO Kelley Earnhardt rules out move to Cup Series in 2023

    They described conversations with NASCAR on the upcoming television contract is set to renew in 2025.

    Cup teams explained how the governing body had been provided a seven-point proposal, and responded with a counteroffer that Gordon described as “very far apart.” 

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. revealed this week on his podcast “The Dale Jr. Download” that when he learned about what Gordon and the group had say, it freaked him out and he is reconsidering whether he wants to pursue owning a Cup team in the near future.

    Earnhardt Jr. opened up about why he is hesitant to purchase a charter in the Cup Series anytime soon.

    “One of the things that were interesting for me so I’m a potential owner in the cup series. Junior Motorsports could be a future owner in the series, and we are actively out here like a lot of other new owners that are talking to these teams about what these Charters are worth. Who’s willing to sell one how do we how do we become an owner?” Dale Jr. said.

    “So, when I heard what I heard from the RTA made me go I need to wait and pause. RTA is telling me whether this Charter that I want to buy is a losing proposition or not money makes it broken,” Earnhardt Jr. added.

    “I don’t want to buy this Charter now because it’s not a successful business venture…they basically said they can’t make any money they’re all losing money they said they said they’re losing money they’re not making money,” he concluded.

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been taunting the move of his team JR Motorsports to the NASCAR Cup Series all season long, however, that seems very unlikely due to NASCAR’s low television revenue for Cup team owners.

    22 thoughts on ““I don’t want to buy Charter it’s not a successful business venture” – Dale Jr. reveals why he won’t acquire a Cup Series charter”
      1. Maybe nascar should go back to it’s roots and put racing first instead of money first look at the tracks that are quitting nascar and going back to putting more money in the purses for the competitors pockets

        1. If Nascar was trying to save money for the teams. They would get rid of green-white-checker. Look how mamy car get demolished and the cost of destruction. Let a little more on driver safety

      2. Go broke when you go Woke. NASCAR has been going downhill for years and years. Next thing that they will do is eliminate Victory Circle and have each driver come down Pit Road to get a Participation Trophy. I quit watching NASCAR years ago.

      3. There it is. Earnhardt could field a non-chartered car, win the race and *still* make far less money than a chartered car finishing last.

    1. Kelley & Dale, NASCAR cup races can up to 40 entries, lately there is only 36. Why don’t you try to run a car in a race and see how you do.

    2. nascar head steve phelps, if you review his biography, is a career long marketing guy. He could not tell a screwdriver from a shock absorber to an anal probe. Dale Jr is very smart not to get involved with the downhill mess that top series/charter nascar has become. Now it comes out nascar wants a street race in New York City-those NYC people cannot stand nascar, but steve phelps thinks, in his infinite marketing wisdom and over inflated ego, he can charm them. No understanding of human behavior. He is a total loser. One only capitalizes names with value and note.

      1. I am one of the biggest NASCAR fans and I am from the Bronx New York I would love to see a car race come here but I don’t know where we can hold it at that’s what I believe the problem with me but NASCAR need to go back to his old routes being what you bring to the track race it and who wins at the end of the day wins

      2. There are 22 auto race tracks in NYS. So New Yorkers do like Nascar and all other motor sports.
        But a road race in NYC wouldn’t be to great.
        Have you ever drove over the steel plates on all the major highway ‘s that cover potholes in the rain!!?

      1. This has been the least enjoyable year I’ve ever had watching NASCAR. If Toyota would leave, I would would never watch again. It’s just not as exciting as it has been in the past.

    3. If they want more money from TV revenue, maybe they should put the races on broadcast TV instead of cable. Then everyone can watch them.

      1. They don’t because the TV networks dictate to Nascar where and How to be shown. Most wants (networks) them on the cable side. So their profit shows, I.E. other sports be shown on over the air.

    4. The new Gen cars are a POS. Only people that’s making any money is Nascar… Bill France Sr would roll over in his grave if he knew what nascar has become today..!

    5. The least enjoyable season on TV yet , 10 minute caution between stages a waste . To me Roval could go away , run the oval

    6. Every racing series suffers the same fate. When the race cars or motorcycles are based on production vehicles and anyone can buy one and compete there are plenty of entrants and competition. When the series becomes “professional” re expensive and the sanctioning bodies start trying to reduce costs and legislate the race cars interest in the series wains.

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