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    “I Cried Like a Baby” – Joey Logano on how criticism helped him to become a better driver

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    Feb 17, 2023
    Joey Logano on how criticism helped him to become a better driver

    While he might be a two-time Cup champion now, Joey Logano had his critics early on in his career.

    Being a professional in Nascar’s top tier is never easy. One has the pressure every week to perform and not to mention the criticism the young driver faces, challenging the established drivers to make a name for themselves.

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    A young Logano had to learn this the hard way. Speaking to Graham Bensinger, the Team Penske driver revealed how he was filled with doubts regarding his chances of making it in the Cup Series.l, leading him to cry “like a baby”.

    “My lowest point…I think I had NASCAR radio on, and they were talking about me, talking about all these things like I wasn’t that good and that I’m gonna be replaced by (Matt) Kenseth and all these things that I already knew, but it was like, it was just that moment…it was…that was it,” he recollected.

    “I thought my career was over, I was talking to Britney and I was like, I don’t know what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life,” he continued. “I’m not gonna be a NASCAR champion like I wanted to be.”

    However, Logano didn’t let himself get distracted by the criticism but rather used it to improve himself. He even credited those moments for making him the racer that he is today.

    “It’s the biggest piece of humble pie I could’ve eaten, and now I’ve learned how to win, I’ve learned how to lose more importantly. Those four years of my life were the moments that have completely shaped who I am,” Logano said of ‘that’ phase in his career.

    “I’m a way better racecar driver now, a way better person now because of that,” Logano added.

    In a way, it is such difficult moments that define the career of greats in any sport. And the way Logano dealt with his critics and still does is a sign of a true champion.

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