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    Frustrated Kyle Busch holds NASCAR responsible for his unfortunate winless run


    Apr 7, 2024

    As the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series season reaches its seventh race, Kyle Busch has yet to achieve a victory.

    Despite being a driver for Richard Childress Racing, he has come close to winning but has not been able to perform convincingly. Along with dealing with crew issues, Busch’s struggle on short tracks is a major concern.

    In the Cup Series, Kyle Busch’s last triumph was in June of last year. This is a worrying trend for a driver of his talent. Despite his desire to change his luck at Martinsville, the #8 driver appeared dissatisfied with NASCAR.

    NASCAR’s inflexible approach to short-track packages sparks backlash from Kyle Busch

    The latest short-track package was unveiled by NASCAR during the recent Phoenix Raceway event. The Toyota racers took full advantage of it, dominating 298 laps in the 312-lap race. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet and Ford drivers were left disappointed as the new package aimed to decrease front downforce.

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    The rear spoiler saw an increase in height ranging from two to three inches. Additionally, Goodyear unveiled a new tire that was part of the package. However, Kyle Busch was not satisfied with the new package, stating, “The problem starts at the front of the car—the splitter and the way the air is, and everything that we all do on setup stuff to make these things rely on the air as much as they do. That’s a problem. I think they went about it, and that’s a funny way to say it, backward.”

    According to Kyle Busch, the current package used in NASCAR has raised some concerns among drivers. He, along with other drivers, have been advocating for an increase in horsepower.

    In a statement made last month, he mentioned that the cars do not have enough power to push the tires to the limit. He believes that increasing the speed of the cars going into the corners will allow for more utilization of the brakes and tires, giving drivers a chance to push their cars to the limit and potentially cause their tires to wear out, creating more challenges over the course of a run.

    With numerous drivers expressing their desire for increased horsepower, NASCAR has maintained their short-track package. This decision has not been well-received by Kyle Busch, who continues to voice his frustration leading up to the Martinsville race. In an interview with NASCAR correspondent Nathan Solomon, Busch once more denounced the short-track package, stating, “I didn’t think we could make it worse, but by golly, we did.

    In addition, Busch was asked for potential solutions to bring about change and stated, “It doesn’t matter, they won’t do it.” Despite the expectation that the experienced Cup Series driver would suggest increasing horsepower, NASCAR has expressed hesitancy towards this modification due to its high cost.

    At the moment, Kyle Busch is content with the current situation.

    Despite the presence of the Next-Gen car, Kyle Busch has not been able to achieve success at Martinsville. In his previous three races, the driver from Richard Childress Racing has failed to secure a spot in the top ten. Nevertheless, RCR has a history of performing well at the 0.526-mile track, which could potentially benefit Busch.

    Up to this point, the RCR team has accumulated a total of seven wins in the Cup Series at Martinsville Speedway. In addition to that, they have achieved 31 top-five finishes and 65 top-ten finishes in 189 races. Despite any changes in the short-track package, RCR’s impressive track record at Martinsville will surely provide a significant advantage for Busch.

    “[The No.1] was throwing hellacious blocks there, I know that.” – Joey Logano

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