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    F1 champion Max Verstappen struggles to watch NASCAR. Here’s the reason why

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    Dec 17, 2022
    F1 champion Max Verstappen struggles to watch NASCAR.

    The two-time Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen cannot seem to find the time to watch NASCAR racing.

    In a number of racing disciplines out there, F1 and NASCAR come out on top of the list. While it might be hard for the drivers to switch between different disciplines, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying all the racing sports out there.

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    The current F1 champion is someone who likes to watch different racing sports. However, with a tight schedule and the timing of some sports, mainly NASCAR, Verstappen fails to watch it as much as he would have liked.

    “I always try to watch as much as I can. The thing is that, mainly with IndyCar, when I come home from another race, that’s around 10-11 in the evening, so that’s okay,”.

    “But normally, NASCAR starts around midnight! So, unless I want to make it a late night, I can watch it, but unfortunately, like most nights, I struggle to watch it,”.

    Verstappen also said that for drivers from F1 to be good at NASCAR, they will require a lot of time.

    “It is a completely different discipline. For [Formula One drivers] to get good at it, it will also take quite a bit of time,”.

    “I do race a bit of, let’s say, NASCAR on my simulator at home, and it’s a completely different discipline. So, for us to get good at it, it would also take quite a bit of time,”.

    Certainly, it must be hard as we don’t hear many success stories when drivers change discipline.

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