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    “Don’t ask the kid any more questions,” – Denny Hamlin asks media to back off with questions regarding Coy Gibbs’s death to Ty Gibbs

    Denny Hamlin asks media to back off

    Denny Hamlin made it clear to the media to not ask Ty Gibbs questions regarding his deceased father. 

    Having just won the Xfinity Series championship, Gibbs’ happiness was cut short by the death of his father, Coy Gibbs on November 6, 2022.

    It has been some months now, but the media might still bother Ty Gibbs with questions about it. Joe Gibbs even released a statement asking the people to respect the privacy of the family. The statement read:

    “As we start the new season, I want to thank the NASCAR community for their support of our family during these difficult times throughout the past couple of months. We are still working through the grieving process, and it is still extremely difficult to discuss. While we are excited to start the new racing season, we hope everyone can continue to respect the privacy of our family,”

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    And for those who might not get what it clearly meant, Hamlin was there to point out what he expects from the media. He twitted;

    “For some of the media who don’t catch this drift, It means don’t ask the kid anymore questions about it,”

    Despite the difficult times, racing continues for Ty. He will drive the No. 54 Toyota for JGR this season.

    Last season, he became the fourth-youngest champ in the Xfinity series history

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