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    Dale Jr. ready to take Denny Hamlin’s side if the JGR driver runs into controversies

    Dale Jr. ready to take Denny Hamlin's side

    Dale Earnhardt. Jr says that it is important to have different viewpoints in NASCAR amid the launch of a new partnership with Denny Hamlin.

    The Joe Gibbs Racing’s No. 11 driver is set to host a new podcast for Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Dirty Mo Media called “Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin”.

    As an active driver and a team owner, Hamlin will bring a new perspective to the show. However, as seen in the past, Hamlin is a very outspoken figure in NASCAR and can often find himself in controversial positions due to his nature.

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    But Earnhardt Jr. is not at all concerned about this side of Hamlin. Nonetheless, he believes that Hamlin will not speak as openly as he did in the past in the new show.

    “I think that no matter what kind of troubles the guys get themselves into, I have no problem sitting down in the room with anybody that wants to talk to them. Whether it’s NASCAR or anybody,” Earnhardt said in his latest podcast.

    “I don’t think that Denny is ever going to get into some of the controversies or challenges we see with Door Bumper Clear from time to time. Denny will be a lot more measured and less by the seat of his pants I think. He’s definitely going to be more calculated”.

    Earnhardt Jr. further added that it is also important to have different opinions and perspectives in the community, whether it goes in NASCAR’s favour or not.

    “I’ve had a couple of conversations with some execs at NASCAR, and while they may not love everything that happens in the media or happens on our podcasts, it’s sort of this necessary thing to have shown out there, have chatter, have conversation, different opinions, different viewpoints. I think Door Bumper Clear is a great example of that,” Dale Jr. added.

    As Dale Jr. pointed out, it is necessary that different topics, controversial or not, are explored, which could lead to positive changes in NASCA. And this new show will definitely give Hamlin the platform to push NASCAR to such changes.

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