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    Dale Jr. reacts after nephew Jeffrey clashed with rival and promised retaliation

    Dale Jr. reacts to nephew Jefferey

    While coming from a family with a good racing history has its advantages, it can also be a source of pressure for drivers to perform.

    Earnhardt is the most probably known family in the NASCAR industry, thanks to the NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. However, his son, Dale Jr. did well to make a name for himself, not in the same racing capacity as his father but in many other ways surrounding NASCAR.

    Dale Jr.’s full-time racing days are long gone but there is his nephew, Jeffrey Earnhardt who is running full-time in the Xfinity series and keeping the Earnhardt name in the sports.

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    However, he didn’t make the headlines recently for the right reasons. During the closing laps of the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner 300 at Daytona International Speedway, he made contact with Parker Kligerman as they fought for the stronger lane, resulting in Earnhardt cutting a tire. This ended Earnhardt’s chance of winning the race.

    The No. 44 Chevrolet Camaro for Alpha Prime Racing was not happy with Kligerman and said that retaliation may be on the way.

    “He’s got a great opportunity, but if he’s going to drive like that, he’s got a long season ahead of him. Because he won’t get no more breaks from me.

    “That’s for damn sure. He’s in the infill care center right now because I didn’t realize that last wreck but hopefully he doesn’t end up back in there when I get done with him.”

    Retweeting a tweet reflecting this situation, Dale Jr. revealed that his nephew will be his guest on The Dale Jr. Download this Tuesday.

    There were some interesting comments from the fans after Dale invited his nephew to his show.

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