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    Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s throwback post leads to criticism of the current drivers over their lack of know-how regarding cars

    Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s throwback post leads to criticism of the current drivers

    With the advancement of technology, every role gets even more specialized such that you try to focus on getting better at one particular aspect only.

    That’s also the case with NASCAR drivers. With a team consisting of specialized personnel with specific functions, drivers can concentrate only on the racing aspects. However, that doesn’t mean that drivers are not interested in their medium, ie. race cars.

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    It might depend on one’s personal choices as to how much one wants to know about it beyond the things needed to win races. After all cars, these days are very complicated that the ones that were used some decades ago.

    Nonetheless, a recent Dale Earnhardt Jr. post on Twitter looked back upon the time when drivers could turn on wrenches and work on their cars by themselves.

    The post not only created nostalgia among fans but many were also making a distinction between the past drivers and the current crop. They opine that the current drivers are incapable of working on their cars.

    One even went far as saying that drivers prefer their celebrity status more than their racing driver status.


    Well, there are just public opinions and we never know for sure how much a driver knows the car or how to use wrenches. Furthermore, as already mentioned, the racing system is very complex compared to the past.

    The drivers know what it takes to win and, in the end, that’s all that matters.

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