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    Chase Elliott demands changes to make racing experience better for drivers and fans

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    Jun 27, 2023
    Chase Elliott demands changes to make racing experience better for drivers and fans

    2020 Cup Series champion Chase Elliott asked NASCAR to run night races during the hot summer.

    The Hendrick Motorsports No. 9 driver has always been a fan of night races. He already suggested NASCAR run a compact schedule and include night races in 2022.

    Back then, he suggested so because he likes night races. However, the 2020 champion has again reiterated his desire to run night races in the Cup Series, but this time he provided more justification as to why NASCAR should have night races.

    As the temperature rises during the summer, it becomes difficult for the drivers, who already have to deal with the heat of the car, and fans sitting in the grandstands. Speaking to the reports about the upcoming night race at Atlanta, Elliott said:

    “No, I don’t think it’ll change the racing itself, but I think rightfully, so I think it should be a night race much like the majority of the summer races should be,” Elliott said. “You know, when I saw this race was a night race and Atlanta was a night race. I’m like, dang, was somebody actually listening to something that I said. Probably not.

    “But nonetheless, this time of year is just — it’s hot. You know, for the drivers, it is what it is. It’s hot every week for us but for the people sitting in the grandstands. I mean goodness. It’s 95 degrees out here in the summer and sitting in bleachers like there is no reason to be to be roasting on a Sunday afternoon when this facility has lights. And same for Atlanta. That just makes no sense.

    But Elliott is certainly making sense. Not only will the night race add variation to the NASCAR schedule but it will also make it a more pleasing experience for the drivers and the fans.

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