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    “Attitudes are contagious” – Joey Logano responds to Roger Penske’s remark regarding the driver’s charitable works

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    Dec 5, 2022
    Joey Logano responds to Roger Penske

    2022 Cup Series champion Joey Logano is not only known for his racing abilities but also for the charitable works that he is involved in.

    Recently, at the NASCAR Awards, Team Penske owner Roger Penske paid tribute to his No. 22 driver in the Cup Series. However, he did so by not emphasizing Logano’s successful 2022 year in terms of racing but by what Logano does outside the racing world.

    Penske told the reporters of the time back in 2018 when Logano distributed turkeys to the homeless in the Homestead area just before the night of the championship race.

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    Hearing the news from Penske, Logano acknowledged the praise that Penske bestowed. He also added that he would like to inspire other people in helping those in need.

    “To me, it kind of means the most because your character is all you’ve got,” Logano said. “That’s who you are. We don’t do it for recognition, but I also believe that attitudes are contagious.

    “And sometimes you need to tell everyone what you’re doing because I think it inspires more. So I try to promote some of the things that we do. Not all the things but some of them that I think can inspire other people.”

    Penske is not the only one singing high praise of the 2022 Champion. Kevin Harvick too said that he feels guilty that he is not doing as much as Logano.

    While Logano will continue to spend time in charitable works, he will also have already started thinking about the defense of his 2022 title. And he is in the right place to do so. Prior to the season, there were questions as to Logano’s long-term future, but he signed a multi-year deal earlier in August. Penske also revealed that the deal in place is for five years.

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