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    “10 times better to watch it on TV” – Tony Stewart suggests fans to watch NASCAR on TV and NHRA in person

    ByRacing Guy

    Mar 14, 2023
    Tony Stewart suggests fans to watch NASCAR on TV and NHRA in person

    Stewart-Haas Racing’s co-owner Tony Stewart believes that NASCAR is better when watched on TV than on the race track.

    Watching any sport is a thrilling experience for the fans, not just as an activity to watch their favourite sports or their favourite driver but also to feel the ambience that such events generate.

    Something even unique that is coming to the NASCAR event is the Chicago Street Race, which is set to take place at the first weekend of July.

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    This is the first time NASCAR is organizing a street race. To make the event better, there will be live performances from the likes of The Chainsmokers and The Black Crowes.

    Surprisingly, Stewart said that it is 1o better on TV than to be there.

    “Unless you’re there for the party, for the weekend, and you’re camping for the weekend, it is 10 times better to watch it on TV than be there in person.”

    “You buy a ticket to the race and you get your seat. You can’t get down where the cars are in the pit area.”

    He added that NHRA is 10 times better when on the event than on TV.

    “NHRA, it is 10 times better to be at the event than it is to watch it on TV. You go to an NHRA race, when you buy your ticket, you go everywhere but on the starting line”.

    Well, it is only Stewart’s view. And he might be right on some points but that doesn’t necessarily mean that watching races on the track will be less enjoyable. After all, he wouldn’t want his teams to run races on empty tracks.

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